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The Smiths and Beyond


THE SMITHS AND BEYOND - Collector's Edition
Kevin Cummins

VisonOn Publishing Ltd., 2002
ISBN 1 903399 89 0

Limited to 1000 copies.
Signed by photographer
Contains a signed Kevin Cummins print

Price:  100 or $150 in the US
25% discount if ordered on the website at www.vobooks.com
Released December 2002

Remark by Stefan Krix:

The Smiths or Morrissey follower is a collector by nature. The success of the re-releases useful or useless shows that there is a demand for collected works, even if you have them all.

A Collectors Edition of the great The Smiths and Beyond makes sense in that way as it is limited and contains bonus material.

Yes, the price is extraordinary but hey - you don't even get a copy of the That's Entertainment Promo for that sum, which is supposed to be limited to 500!

More info's: http://www.visiononpublishing.com/htm/#smiths


Kevin Cummins

VisonOn Publishing Ltd., 2002
ISBN 1 903399 13 0
Released March 2002

Review by Stefan Krix:

The latest Morrissey-related book is a collection of photographs by Kevin Cummins, who is working with him since the early days of THE SMITHS.

Apart from the pictures previously known there are many variations of pictures which later ended on sleeves, postcards and in the music papers; pictures taken on the same session. It covers the period from the shooting for the first planned NME-Cover story for THE SMITHS which took place in September 1983 at Tatton Park till solo pictures of Johnny Marr taken in 1996. But the focus is laid on pictures of Morrissey, especially during his 1991 Tours.

This is neither a book about THE SMITHS nor about Morrissey; it combines pictures from THE SMITHS and ELECTRONIC as well as solo pictures of Morrissey and Johnny Marr.

The only sad thing about this book is that it looks like a retrospective as there is no Morrissey photo after 1991. That of cause it not the fault of the book but of the fact that the early Morrissey was more fascinating - and more in the public eye. And, of cause, there was nothing which was really new from him after the first tour in 1991 from an photographers point of view.

Marr's output in the 90's wouldn't be stuff for a book, even a collection of photos like this. Consequently, the SMITHS- related photos (Marr with 'ex-Smiths' tattoo, Marr in front of the Salford Lads club and Marr behind the juke-box) are the interesting ones; the pictures of ELECTRONIC are like the band itself: insignificant. Which, if this was the intention of the pictures, is pretty well shown.

The share of the other ex-Smiths, Rouke and Joyce, is small: a single picture for Joyce, two for Rouke, one of the group, apart from one all from the first session in 1983.

Much space is given to the fans: pictures of the crowd, single shots of fans and images around the concert. In the liner notes, Cummins dedicates the book to the fans and admits to be one - of us.

And this is the strength of the book. It's obviously from a fan.

My fav pictures are: a b/w photo of Morrissey in Manchester, 1989 at the Rochdale Canal and Johnny Marr leaning at an old musicbox full of Smiths-Singles in 1996.

More info's: http://www.visiononpublishing.com/pressreleases/thesmiths.htm