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Morrissey's Labels
Last Update
: 15th January 2015

Morrissey's records were released under a variety of labels; listed are the ones he signed to working as a solo artist (since 1988). In the beginning of his solo career we was signed to two different mayors for different regions. Though there are only a few mayor record companies left - Sony, Universal, Warner - it explains why it is still difficult to re-release records worldwide.

For example, in 2009 Reprise re-released an unchanged version of Southpaw Grammar for the US, whereas Sony released an expanded version of the same disc in Europe nearly at the same time!

Since roughly 2008 Morrissey himself holds the Copyright for his recordings (all new recordings and backwards to 2004) and not the issuing record company.

Enclosed are just the two main regions - Europe and the US. Especially in Asia an overview is not easy to get - if you have any information here, please contact me! The list of all labels he appears upon is even longer; such are releases for local labels in Japan (EMI Toshiba) or Germany (EMI Electrola) or labels just used for re-releases or compilations (Rhino, EMI Gold, Liberty, Mayor Minor, Fame, Disky)


UK and Europe

SublabelLabelCompany - ThenYearsCompany - Today
His Masters VoiceEMIEMI1988 - 1993Warner
ParlophoneEMIEMI1994 / 1995Warner
RCA VictorBMGBMG1995Sony
IslandMercuryPolyGram1997 / 1998Universal
AttackSanctuarySanctuary2004 - 2006Universal
DeccaDeccaUniversal2007 - 2009Universal


SublabelLabelCompany - ThenYearsCompany - Today
Sire / RepriseRepriseWarner1988 - 1994Warner
MercuryMercuryPolyGram1997 / 1998Universal
AttackSanctuarySanctuary2004 - 2006Universal
DeccaDeccaUniversal2007 - 2008Universal
AttackLost HighwayUniversal2009Universal

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