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Unreleased Morrissey
Last Update
: 12th July 2015

Known Information on unreleased songs

August 2002

Unreleased songs - where do they come from?

In Morrissey's case, we have a few main sources identified: The Miraval Sessions which took place in Winter 1994/1995, where some unreleased instrumental tracks and many instrumental versions of known tracks come from. The track list of this sessions runs as follows:

The Boy Racer (Instrumental Demo) (unofficially available)
Reader Meets Author (Instrumental Demo)
(unofficially available)
Dagenham Dave (Instrumental Demo)
(unofficially available)
Nobody Loves Us (Instrumental Demo)
(unofficially available)
Honey, You Know Where To Find Me (Instrumental Demo)
(unofficially available)
Laughing Anne (Instrumental Demo)
(unofficially available)
Unknown #1 (Instrumental Demos)
(unofficially available)
Unknown #2 (Instrumental Demo)
(unofficially available)

Not yet available are the Miraval versions of (supposed to be instrumentals, too):

Best Friend On The Payroll
You Should Have Been Nice To Me
The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils

miraval.jpg (25553 Byte)

Around the release of Viva Hate Morrissey supposedly did a John Peel Session with 4 yet unreleased tracks / versions.

In addition we know, that various songs have been recorded during sessions for the regular albums 1987 to 2004. Some songs from the Sessions for Viva Hate, Kill Uncle and Maladjusted remained unreleased. Up to now, there are no known outtakes from Your Arsenal and Vauxhall And I.

In 1997 a limited edition of Suedehead: The Best Of Morrissey was planned, but withdrawn (the pressing plants needed capacity for Elton John's Candle In The Wind....). All we have is a scan from a promotional leaflet, telling us what was though to be on disc 2:

 striptease.gif (219600 Byte)

Another source are yet unpublished sessions since his Maladjusted Album in 1997. A cover version of a song called No One Can Hold A Candle To You was supposed to be recorded but remained unreleased up to December 2004, when this was newly recorded as a B-Side. But the 1997 recording might be in existence, too. A Morrissey / Boorer song called Kit (unofficially available) was played by Boorer at solo concerts and we do have a bit of the lyrics and chords.

 kitlyrics.jpg (47365 Byte)

In the last years more and more Information about unreleased Morrissey-Songs came in, even a .mp3 of The Bed Took Fire (official released)  was suddenly available - via Napster. And some fakes: A false .mp3 of Striptease With A Difference and a complete fake called Melanie. After British comedian Michael Legge put four until-then-unreleased songs on his website, this was a kind of initial kick for the other ones to share their rarities with other fans. Thanks indeed to all of you!

But it seems, that there is still a need to sum up what is known and what is a rumour. I hope for a great support from all who are able to contribute and like to thank again all who already did.

Unless there is a visual proof (acetate, scan etc.) I do refer to all of the following information as rumours. I have collected every detail from all Morrissey related sources (especially from Morrissey-Solo and Mrs. Shankley's Website) which were available.

There is a lot of contradiction in the available information itself - e.g. that Striptease With A Difference is from Morrissey / Langer and has been written in May 1990 although it is - or seems to be -  from the Viva Hate Sessions 1987/1988 when Langer wasn't writing with Morrissey but Stephen Street.


Update December 2004

With the new album, many rumours became true (or not) and many, many new songs have been reported to be written/recorded. As we have You Are The Quarry and the B-Sides to the four singles, one song called Home Is A Question Mark still remains unreleased up to now.


Update February 2005

An interesting thread at Morrissey-Solo about more songs in the vaults of EMI, referring to "some email correspondence from EMI UK regarding possible unreleased tracks to use on the Viva Hate anniversary edition. As you know the proposed 'Striptease' etc never happened but thought you may be interested in the list of tracks that were in EMI's archive at the time". The anonymous source adds that "With regards to any other unreleased tracks I've compiled a list of odd titles that we have in mixed format, there are others on multi but I don't suppose you would be looking to add the cost of mixing to the project. Most of these will just be working titles for released tracks, there may also be a couple that were released but we don't have any production tape for them."

Some of the listed tracks are well known to collectors such as Stay As You Are, Fantastic Bird, Bed Took Fire, Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness and Oh Well, I'll Never Learn which was released on the very first Morrissey CD single 'Suedehead' in 1988. But some titles, even if they are just working titles, have never been mentioned before:

Cage Of Marriage
Dennis Cockall Song
Glass Menagerie
(unofficially available)
One of Our Own
Safe Warm Lancashire Home
  (official released)
(perhaps Sister I'm A [Poet]?)


Update July 2005

No unknown tracks but a bunch of outtakes from the Viva Hate Sessions was made public via Morrissey-solo by 'Dreamer'. He shared the following eight tracks, free to download for anyone. Due to the nature of the tracks (especially Hairdresser On Fire and I Know Very Well) the source might be around former Morrissey partner Vini Reilly.

please help the cause against loneliness (demo with moz on vocals) (official released)
please help the cause against loneliness (demo with sandie shaw and moz)
(unofficially available)
dial-a-cliché (rough version)
(unofficially available)
hairdresser on fire (vini reilly vocals)
(unofficially available)
i know very well how i got my note wrong
(unofficially available)
dial-a-cliche (morrissey talking at end)
(unofficially available)
dial-a-cliche (wrong key-talking at end)
(unofficially available)
morrissey talking about everyday is like sunday 
(unofficially available)


Update October 2005

An interesting email to Morrissey-Solo from Simon Goddard gives us information on unreleased Morrissey/Whyte/Boorer tracks, mainly demos, which I have never heard of before:

He writes: " [...] Rather, these are most likely working demos from the solo Whyte/Boorer years circa the mid 1990s. I say this because I've heard working roughs from the Vauxhall to Maladjusted period and they're all in this same vein, both musically and in terms of recording quality. [...] There are numerous Whyte and Boorer demos of this nature, many of which were given titles which have since become notorious 'lost Morrissey songs' - e.g.; "Stay As You Are" (unofficially available), "Laughing Annie" etc.

Other unreleased / working titles for solo Morrissey songs that I know of but which have yet to surface include "Nightmare", "Hanratty", "Fast Car, Sharp Bend, Goodbye" and "The Leeches Go On Removing" (the latter a Maladjusted demo which of course became a lyric on Quarry instead).


Update July 2006

The new forums of Morrissey-Solo, which you can only attend as a registered member, brought us proofs for a few rare tracks: Finally, November The Second (official released) was available (remixed version of November Spawned A Monster from 1990). There was also a vocal version of Honey, You Know Where To Find Me   (official released) (Miraval Sessions, 1994/1995). Last additions were instrumental versions of Get Back To The Ghetto (now known as Ganglord (official released) ) and for a yet unreleased tune called Children In Pieces (official released)


Update January 2007

No new tracks were unveiled this time, but with thanks to 'Blameless' and 'Sonandheir' we got a few rare versions from the Vauxhall and I Sessions as there are:

Interlude (Morrissey on vocals only) (unofficially available)
Sunny, Billy Budd, Spring-Heeled Jim (monitor mixes)
(unofficially available)
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? (alternate take)
(unofficially available)

Other versions available in the last months were a rough version of Reader Meets Author (unofficially available) and a demo for  Irish Blood, English Heart (unofficially available) . For the later it's said that this is from a recorded session of new material in 2002 when Morrissey was looking for a new record contract.

Also available is the cover version of Roxy Music's Street Life (unofficially available) , only played live twice in 2006 (more on cover versions as usual in their own section, here)

Some information from 'Mr Reynolds': Belfast may be just a working title for The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils and The Denis Cockall Song became later A Swallow On My Neck (see Update 2/05). It was said in a different thread that Hanratty (Update 10/05) might be a cover version of The Kinks Harry Rag, supposed to be played and recorded by Morrissey during a sound check.

New titles put in the discussion, but without any substance yet: Agreeable Civil Servant ('about Jake'), I Know Who I Love ('from the Maladjusted sessions')


Update January 2008

According to the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, there are some song titles in circulation: No Room for Oscar, Livings (Morrissey / Whyte), Son Of Sin and The Longer I Live. The last one is said to be recorded with Producer Jerry Finn according to Matt Walkers MySpace page.


Update May 2008

But, unmentioned until now on this site, there are more new songs which we will find on the new album this autumn, titles were taken from the Warner Chappel Site where they are listed as Morrissey / Whyte compositions:

Action Man
Teresa, Teresa
When I Was Young
I Was Bully, Do Not Forget Me
I'm Looking Forward To Going Back


Update June 2008

 Thanks to 'Mr Reynolds' at the Morrissey-Solo Forums: He shared an unreleased song with us called Glass Menagerie (unofficially available) (see February 2005 Update). This song from the 'Southpaw Grammar' era is more a collage than a song and seems to be another output from the 1994/1995 Miraval Sessions.


Update July 2008

We got word that there are four unreleased tracks from the 'Maladjusted' Sessions 1997: Kit (unofficially available) , I Know Who I Love, No One Can Hold A Candle To You and It's Hard To Walk Tall When You're Small. The later two have been re-recorded in 'You Are The Quarry'-times an got an official release; a version of Kit with Moz on vocals was unsure.  In the same thread we also got more information on also rumoured tracks Hanratty, I'm Not Worth Hitting and Fantastic Bird (official released).

There are several information on unreleased tracks in Johnny Rogan latest book 'Morrissey: The Albums"

Also new in July: Morrissey plays a Buzzcocks song called You Say You Don't Love Me (official released) live during his festival concerts (more on covers here) - a possible B-Side?


Update December 2008

From Wikipedia: the previously mentioned Morrissey / Whyte track Action Man is supposed to be a leftover from the Ringleader sessions.


Update May 2009

Some unreleased tracks are no more: with the release of the Legacy Edition of Southpaw Grammar we finally got three unreleased tracks officially. But there have been two additions spotted, an alternate version of Sweetie Pie (unofficially available) was played on US radio by keyboarder and Co-author Mike Farrell and there is a unmentioned cover version of a Randy Newman song (written for the Alan Price Set in the late 60's) played by Morrissey live called Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear


Update November 2009

A bootleg LP of unreleased Morrissey tracks called Revelation is on sale now. Apart from tracks which have already been unveiled unofficially it has two previously unavailable gems on it: Lifeguard On Duty (official released) (from the Viva Hate Sessions) and Happy Lovers United (official released) (from the Bona Drag period).


Update August 2010

Morrissey has just announced the 20th Anniversary Edition of Bona Drag to be released in the next month, including six soon-to-be-no-longer unreleased rarities. Morrissey is cleaning up his attic again:

"Happy Lovers At Last United" (Outtake from "Sunday" sessions) (official released)
"Lifeguard On Duty" (Outtake from Viva Hate sessions)
(official released)
"Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness" (demo) (Outtake from Viva Hate, previously covered by Sandie Shaw)
(official released)
"Oh Phoney" (Outtake from Bona Drag sessions)
(official released)
"The Bed Took Fire" (early version of "At Amber")
(official released)
"Let The Right One Slip In" (alternate long mix)
(official released)

Some of the are already known, some have been revealed last year on the Revelation bootleg. Only the alternate long mix of Let The Right One Slip In may be something undiscovered.


Update August 2010 (II)

The supporting re-release of Everyday Is Like Sunday in the wake of the a.m. Bona Drag Anniversary Edition finally gives us the official release of November the Second (official released), originally planned in 1997 for the Limited Edition of the Suedehead - The Best of Morrissey Compilation. We also get the first release of a live version from The New York Dolls' Trash, as played on his 1991 tour. So, what unreleased track is left worth to be the Holy Grail for collectors?


Update October 2010

Not announced, but finally released on the Bona Drag Anniversary Edition was the long version of Piccadilly Palare (official released) with the extra verse which was one of the tracks given by Michael Legge nearly a decade ago which urged other people to open the vaults, too. In addition, we got an edited version of Ouija Board, Ouija Board on the same disc, which was cut down in 2010 due to Morrissey's request,

If we rely on the rumours, expanded versions of other Morrissey albums on EMI will be rereleased in the next year(s), all featuring rare and unreleased tracks.


Update January 2012

In 2011 Morrissey continued to give us unreleased songs when he released Treat Me Like A Human Being  (official released) and Safe, Warm Lancashire Home (official released) as the B-Sides to his re-released Glamorous Glue single. When Very Best Of Morrissey was released, we finally got the official release of Morrissey's solo version of Interlude. (official released)

Finally, the long rumoured Morrissey-version of Kit , a leftover from the Maladjusted sessions (unofficially available)  was made available on the Morrissey-Solo website.


Update January 2015

It took three years after the last update because there were no releases until 2014 when World Peace Is None Of Your Business was finally out. In between the remaster series started in 2009 was brought to an end in 2014 with all albums from 1988-1997 being rereleased including once rare songs, but they don't include more rarities after 2012.

 After the last Update, Morrissey did a BBC Janice Long session in 2002 recording three new tracks which were fastly available and officially 2003 as B-Sides: Action Is My Middle Name (official released), The Kid's A Looker (official released) , People Are The Same Everywhere (official released) did luckily now apprear on the new album.

But according to Morrissey himself, there were no leftovers from this session in February 2014: all 18 Tracks recorded were released on the normal and deluxe version of the record - no singles, no B-Sides needed. However, we know that that's not the complete truth as Harvest planned to release 7"s with alternate Mixes of WPINOYB tracks - an they haven't surfaced yet: One Of Our Own [French Mix], Scandinavia [French Mix]  and Art-Hounds [French Mix]

During the 2014 tour Morrissey covered Gilbert O'Sullivan a second time, the track I Didn't Know What To Do does also lack an official release.

The Holy Grail was found on eBay last November, when four US reference CDs were offered and proved the existance of more rarities. Rhino planned a series of re-issues to coincide with the release of Morrissey’s You Are The Quarry in 2004. All of prior albums (bar Maladjusted, where the rights belong to then SonyBMG) were fully remastered and the plan was to release extra “bonus” tracks along with each album. These extra tracks ranged from unreleased songs and demos to alternate versions and alternate mixes that have never been released officially. The following [edited] description comes from the eBay auctions, as i haven't herad the discs myself:

The reference disc for 1991’s Kill Uncle features unique mastering not present on the original release or the 2013 re-issue. It features the full length version of My Love Life and the unreleased song Striptease With A Difference. This version is different from the one found on leaked bootlegs. There are also two live tracks taken 1991.

The reference disc for 1992’s Your Arsenal features unique mastering not present on the original release or the 2014 re-issue. It features alternate versions of Pashernate Love and There Speaks A True Friend along with a truly stunning and beautiful alternate version of Seasick, Yet Still Docked. The song is just Morrissey and an acoustic guitar in the studio, no effects or heavy production.

The reference disc for 1994’s Vauxhall and I features unique mastering not present on the original release or the 2014 re-issue. It also features alternate versions of Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself (Electric), Black-Eyed Susan (Alternate), Used To Be A Sweet Boy (Orchestral), Interlude (Harmonium Version) and Swallow On My Neck (Alternate)

 The reference discs for 1995’s Southpaw Grammar features mastering not present on the original release or the 2009 re-issue. It also features a unique bonus disc of unreleased masters, session demos and alternate takes. These tracks are mostly taken from the highly sought after Miraval Sessions  which were recorded at Miraval Studios and features drastically different versions of songs featured on the album.

The Boy Racer (Miraval Studio Acoustic Version)
Reader Meet Author (Miraval Studio Version)
Honey You Know Where To Find Me (Miraval Unreleased)
Best Friend On The Payroll (Miraval Studio Version)
You Should Have Been Nice To Me (Miraval Unreleased Master)
Dagenham Dave (Miraval Studio Version)
Nobody Loves Us (Miraval Studio Version)
Southpaw (SARM Studio Alternate)
You Must Please Remember (Miraval Studio Demo)


Update July 2015

No new releases, so there are are also no unearthed rarities. During his recent 'World Tour 2015' Morrissey covered the famous country track (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden at his concert in Nashville but did not play any new or unreleased tracks.

Thanks to Adrianna Gober for reading this website and also for noticing, that in an 2005 update i wrote about a track that may be in the EMI vaults since 1998 called One Of Our Own. It's unlikely that this track is the same as the one released on World Peace Is None Of Your Business last year, as it's credited to Morrissey / Manzur. But it seems that working titles ore ideas do survive a long time, best example is Bengali in Platforms which was a totally different song while rehearsed by the Marr-less Smiths.

It's also just a speculation that the previous mentioned track Action Man, from which we only know its supposed to be a Ringleader era leftover, is indeed a first version of Action Is My Middle Name.




Songs in the attic


 ~ surely existing ~

Born To Hang (unofficially available)
(Morrissey / Nevin, February 1992)

Finally saw the light of day in July 2001 when Michael Legge made it available via the a.m. homepage as well as three other songs.
Again from the Mark E. Nevin interview: There's another track called 'Born To Hang'. What's it like ? It's in the 'Pregnant For The Last Time' vein, similar to that. It would have been a good b-side. It never got finished.

Glass Menagerie / Belfast (unofficially available)
(Miraval Sessions, 1994/1995)

'Mr Reynolds' stated in a thread at the Morrissey-Solo forums in January 2007: I have 'Belfast' somewhere in my ancient and dusty archives, it was certainly a work-in-progress during the Southpaw sessions. As far as I know, there was no vocal recorded or possibly even written. The track was more an atmospheric instrumental early version of what became part of 'The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils'. Infact, it seems to me on reflection, that 'Belfast' was just an early working title for 'Teachers'. I remember it had some movie dialogue samples on it from an old film...something about a 'Glass Managerie?'...

In June 2008 he even shared the song on Morrissey-Solo

I'm Playing Easy-To-Get (unofficially available)
(Morrissey / Boorer, 2004)

This song has been performed and recorded during the December 2004 session for The Janice Long Show. Boz Boorer confirmed later that he co-wrote the song.

Kit (unofficially available)
(Morrissey / Boorer, 1996/1997)

This song is dated from the Maladjusted Sessions. It's said that Morrissey recorded this track, but decided not to use it. 'Beau' stated recently on a thread at Morrissey-Solo: There is a recorded version of Kit with Moz vocals. It's stunning. Unfortunately Moz is not happy with his vocal performance (which is of course absurd) and will certainly not see the light of day, from what I've been told.

The song was made available unofficially via Morrissey-Solo and YouTube in January 2012.

Stay As You Are (unofficially available)
(Morrissey / Whyte, October 1993)

There is a .mp3 available, a fine ballad in Late Night, Maudlin Street or Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning style which could have easily fit into Vauxhall and I. It is supposed to be recorded in that time - but the vocals are not recorded separately. It could be anyone singing - but the rumour concerning this song is real is very, very old. Johnny Rogan claims in his book Morrissey - The Albums from 2006, that Morrissey failed to complete a vocal for this track.

Striptease With A Difference (unofficially available)
(Morrissey / Street, 1987 / 1988)

Also revealed by Michael Legge via the 'Secret Website'. It was planned, too, to be released on the a.m. Bonus-CD to the 1997 UK Compilation Suedehead - The Best Of Morrissey. There is a Website with the Lyrics and additional information to this song, too. It was recorded during the Viva Hate Sessions but not used for that Album though its a complete recording.



~ uncertain & not revealed ~


Came Here For

Last Source of Information: Morrissey-Solo, December 2005
Proof: BMI-Listing

Is It Real?: Possible. Although a BMI listing can be wrong, too, (see Extra the Entertainmen BG Cues), not all songs recorded during a session are released immediately.

Extra the Entertainmen BG Cues
(Morrissey / Whyte)

Last Source of Information: John Fidler on Morrissey-Solo, July 2000
Proof: BMI-Listing

Is It Real?: Unlikely. Looks like an printing error; and it doesn't have a BMI work number.


Last Source of Information: Simon Goddard, 2005; Johnny Rogan: Morrissey - The Albums, 2006
Proof: none

Is It Real?: I Think So. This was mentioned by Simon Goddard as well as by Johnny Rogan that this is in fact an existing Maldjusted outtake, as Rogan describes "Morrissey's comment on the fate of James Hanratty, who was convicted of the 'A6 murder' at Dead Man's Hill in 1961 and subsequentely hanged".

Home Is A Question Mark

Last Source of Information:, January 2004
Proof: none

Is It Real?: I Think So. When You Are The Quarry finally came out, there were more tracks on the list from January, but all saw the light of day as B-sides - apart from this track. It is more likely that it does exist.

I Know Who I Love
(Morrissey / Boorer, 1997)

Last Source of Information: Johnny Rogan: Morrissey - The Albums, 2006; Morrissey-Solo, July 2008
Proof: none

Is It Real?: Possible. According to an information from 'Jamie' at Morrissey-Solo this track was - again according to then-bassist Johnny Bridgewood - recorded with vocals and was intended to be on Maladjusted but was skiped in favor of Wide To Receive

I'm Not Worth Hitting

Last Source of Information: Ambitious Outsiders, June 2002; private email June 2002
Proof: none

Is It Real?: Possible. I've got the information that this song has been recorded during the Maladjusted sessions and that it was included on early MC's (maybe copies from sessions). A scan of that MC is said to be the only proof - I haven't seen it, yet.

Kill Uncle
(Morrissey / Nevin)

Last Source of Information: Jimmy McDonald on Morrissey-Solo, November 1997; Private email, September 2002
Proof: none

Is It Real?: Possible. Regarding the existence of Kill Uncle as a track, see the Mark Nevin interview @
Is there actually a track called 'Kill Uncle' ? There's not really a song, half a song called 'Kill Uncle'. Are there any other tracks lying about from the 'Kill Uncle' sessions ? Only 'Born To Hang' and 'Kill Uncle', which as I said weren't finished.

He says that it wasn't finished, but that doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't have any vocals as he also said that Born To Hang wasn't finished, which does include vocals.

Laughing Anne

Last Source of Information: Morrissey-Solo, February 2001; Ambitious Outsiders Website, June 2002.
Proof: Scan of a Studio-Track list, .mp3 of the instrumental demo

Is It Real?: Possible. A Demo was recorded during the 'Miraval Sessions' 1994 / 1995 for Southpaw Grammar. In June 2002 the instrumental demo was finally available as a download.

Me Satisfied
(Morrissey / Street)

Last Source of Information: John Fiddler on Morrissey-Solo, July 2000
Proof: BMI-Listing

Is It Real?: Possible. There's not much information about this one.

My Name Is Mortimer
(Morrissey / Street, November 1990 (unlikely because of date) or Mort Shuman?)

Last Source of Information: Morrissey-Solo, November 1997 / John Fiddler on Morrissey-Solo, January 2001
Proof: none

Is It Real?: Wrong Question: What is it supposed to be? A cover version of the Mort Shuman song (who co-wrote "Marie's The Name (His Latest Flame)" played be The Smiths in 1986) or something unique? My view: Unlikely written by Morrissey

Sharp Bend, Fast Car, Goodbye

Last Source of Information: Johnny Rogan: Morrissey The Albums (2006) (pg. 202)
Proof: none

Is It Real?: Possible. According to Johnny Rogan, this is an outtake of the Vauxhall And I Sessions in 1993. described as an 'pre-Beatles early Sixties-Style [...] example of Morrissey tackelkng the 'death disc' song tradition with his usual mixture of morbidity and comedy".

Take Us The Way We Are

Last Source of Information: Long-time Collector at Morrissey-Solo, July 2001
Proof: none

Is It Real?: Possible. This track is completely new to me. Never heard anything but the title.

The Leeches Go On Removing

Last Source of Information: Simon Goddard, 2005; Johnny Rogan: Morrissey - The Albums, 2006
Proof: none

Is It Real?: Possible. According to both sources it became a part of You Know I Couldn't Last released in 2004 on You Are The Quarry

In Addition, we have two .mp3 of 'Untitled' songs which were taken from this sessions and have been made public via Ambitious Outsiders in June 2002.



~ fakes & others ~


In the whole Smiths-literature there's no hint that there are any unknown and / or unreleased songs by Morrissey/Marr (compare Simon Goddards Songs That Saved Your Life) . Around May 2002 someone offered a solution: It is just a mistake which occurred during translation into a foreign language.  This was nevertheless included in the BMI-Listings

Can't Carry One

Manchester Kids
A track included on another bootleg compilation which was offered on eBay. Its a 27 sec. track starting with an acoustic guitar, Morrissey singing the first line of This Charming Man and a children's choir (Manchester Kids, eh?) is singing the words 'This Charming Man' twice (and out of tune).

Melanie (A Girl I Used To Know)

Women Don't Seem To Like Me
During a long interview with The Irish Times in November 1999 he said that he played this new song at the concert in Milan, Italy 2nd November 1999 during the 'Oye Esteban' tour. In fact he played Lost and made a joke while introducing the song.


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