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Morrissey Want List
Last Update
: 16th December 2005

Although i collect The Smiths and Morrissey since 1987, i still discover gaps in my collection. Especially promo discs are very hard to get, as they are mainly CD-R's in a PVC-wallet with limited quantities.

I do lack the following rare items (all CD's) in my collection. There are also pre-2004 CD-R's which i have only heard of, but never got the chance to get one. If you have a spare copy to sell at a reasonable price please contact me. Thanks in advance!


I Have Forgiven Jesus (4-Track)Promo CD-R (EU), 2004Attack ATKPX011XIHFJ Vicar promo
Let Me Kiss You (1-Track)Promo CD-R (EU), 2004Attack ATKPXS008Let Me Kiss You 'Yellow' 1-Track Promo
You Are The Quarry (Watermarked Advance CD)Advance CD (EU), 2004Sanctuary (no No.)YATQ
You Are The Quarry (Interview CD)Promo CD (EU), 2004Attack (no No.)Interview Disc
I Know Very Well How I Got My Note WrongPromo CD (UK), 1988Factory FACD 244+I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong
The 12" Mixes [The Smiths]MXCD (AUS), o.J.CBS 652973 2The 12 Inch Mixes


Any contribution? Please give me an E-Mail!