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Morrissey's Manchester


MORRISSEY'S MANCHESTER - The essential Smiths Tour
Phill Gantenby

Empire Publications, 2002
ISBN 1 901746 28 3
Released May 2002

Review by Stefan Krix:

Fans of The Smiths and Morrissey, writes Author Phill Gantenby, are obsessive about every detail regarding their heroes. He's right  - and able to give the fans what they want: A guide to and through Manchester, to every Morrissey-related place.

We all know what Strangeways is - but where is it? This Guide and the attached map are a big help for everyone seeking for the remains of The Smiths. I see the need for such a guide myself in Morrissey-related discussion boards and emails send to me.

This superb book is in first place a city guide - so you get all the information regarding traveling in and to Manchester, how to behave and who can help you if you don't, adding tips about recommened clothes fitting to the english weather etc. etc. Don't complain he hasn't warned you as Morrissey's Manchester tours lead you into some areas where care should be taken at all times. Just like home.

So this book is no official-style highlights guide but - judgeing from the distance - a fair guide through today's Manchester under a special


Press release:

I came back to my old city.... and I couldn't find my way back to the station, it's all changed': So complained Morrissey on 'Heir Apparent' and it's not surprising as Manchester has changed so much since The Smiths heyday of the mid 1980s.

Now 'Morrissey's Manchester', a publication devoted exclusively to the city that shaped the life and lyrics of The Smiths, has been produced so that fans of the group can visit the sights (including Salford Lads Club, concert venues and Morrissey's old house in Kings Rd, Stretford) that inspired what NME have called 'the most influential artists of all time'.

Manchester has never fully exploited its reputation for producing class musical acts time and time again. Some cities, such as Liverpool and Memphis live off their reputation for producing musical talent and use the iconic status of their stars to promote themselves throughout the world. But Liverpool and Memphis are one trick ponies. Take away The Beatles and Elvis and there are few other reasons for visiting either city. Musically Manchester has become a victim of its own success. While it hasn't produced figures as ubiquitous as 'the Fab Four' or 'the King', there isn't another city in the world that, for the past forty years, has consistently influenced the music scene so persuasively.

In this guide is contained all the information you'll need to plan a visit to the home one of the greatest British bands ever. Fans of The Smiths are obsessive about every detail regarding their heroes. So, whilst some local guide books briefly mention places of musical interest concerning Manchester music in general; devotees of Morrissey expect and demand more. If you are to pay only one visit to Manchester in your lifetime, then you will want to see it all and this guide offers just that. Included - here are four comprehensive tours of the Manchester area. Three that can be taken on foot in the city centre and the other stretching across the suburbs (using public transport or a car) that affected the band's history.

There is plenty to see as you will soon discover. This guide relates to the places Morrissey wrote about or which formed an influential part of the group's history, such as concert venues, meeting places and sites captured on film. A tour of Smiths and Morrissey related places, is also a tour of Mancunian history. The two literally go 'hand in glove', as you will discover whilst reading about Manchester's past and the life of the band. Has any other band been so inspired by their hometown as much as The Smiths? It's as if they could never have been formed anywhere else in the world. Manchester shaped the band which is why the band provided the soundtrack to so many thousands of lives growing up not only in Manchester, but throughout the world..

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